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STEM College Visits

Get a STEM senior's perspective on college visits, a feature that makes the NCCA STEM Institute unique!

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Here at the NCCA STEM Institute, we take our associates on two different in-state college visits each year. Some of our visits have included The University of Georgia, Georgia Institute of Technology, Emory University, Kennesaw State University, North Georgia University, Augusta University, and many more. We hope to show our associates what their future can hold and what the different collegiate options look like for their desired life path (specifically in the engineering and biotech fields). Kenleigh Barnes, a STEM senior in the class of 2019, took some time to tell us her perspective of one of her visits to The University of Georgia.

Overall, it was an amazing trip and hopefully one day I will become a student there.

Kenleigh Barnes, STEM class of 2019, Interview

Out of the many college visits I have been to, my favorite was The University of Georgia. When we first arrived, I already knew that this school was going to be one of my favorites. Not only was the location convenient, but there were buses to help students travel from place to place. The food was amazing, and there was a wide variety of choices. You could eat anything from hibachi to Italian to home cooked meals.

Before we went on the tour, we went to an informational session where we learned about average scores students have when they are accepted, different majors the school offered, and the application process. This was one of the most clear and helpful informational sessions, and the spokesperson answered any questions that we had.

Finally, when we took the tour, we got to see some cool sites of the school. One of my favorites was a bell that used to mark the center of Athens, GA. Students would come by and ring the bell whenever they have a moment of victory: whether it was passing your finals, getting asked out, or a touchdown in a football game. Overall, it was an amazing trip and hopefully one day I will become a student there. 

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