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STEM Camp 2018: A Time of Connection, Communication, and Curiosity

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

During STEM Camp, incoming STEM freshmen will learn more about the STEM Institute and NCCA, student organizations, and what will be expected of them at STEM. Freshmen will have the pleasure of meeting some the wonderful staff and faculty from STEM and NCCA. Freshmen will also be formally introduced to upperclassmen and have a chance to learn about FLEX Day and STEM Stars, a student-led volunteering organization.

STEM Camp is a time to have fun with those around you! Freshmen will be able to talk to friends, meet future classmates, converse with their mentors, and hear stories from upperclassmen. STEM Camp also provides games and activities! This year, they ranged from team-building activities, concentration-based tasks, and an escape the room that required teams to come together and solve puzzles that would ultimately lead to an exit from the room! Students were also given lunch and asked to vote on the 2018-2019 STEM hashtag!

All in all, it is safe to say that the 2018 STEM Camp was an amazing success for all of those involved!

-Frances P., Mentor, STEM class of 2021

New STEMie perspective:

 I came in nervous and excited. Nervous because I was not sure what to expect, and excited because I knew it would be fun. I recognized some friends at the back and met up with them. We caught up and were speculating what was to come next. They put us in groups and we were separated. We then got a presentation on what to expect about STEM and how it could help us. After the presentation, we went on a tour to get  accustomed to our new school. Later, we played a game to get acquainted with our new classmates. We ate and then were put in groups again. I met my new group and we had to do a series of challenges. From puzzles to decrypting numbers, we worked for two hours until we finished. It was a extremely fun experience that got me looking forward to the first day of school even more.

-Gonzalo B., STEM class of 2022

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