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One of the S.T.E.M. Institute’s top benefits is a weekly event known as Flex Day. This is a designated day of the week where we are able to get any assignment completed, meet up with project groups, and get help from S.T.E.M. trainers or other students. These days are split up into six 45 minute periods allowing each student to sign up to be in 6 different classrooms, or the same classes for a maximum of 3 periods at a time. To sign up for these periods, we use an online platform called Enriching Students, an organized online scheduler that makes the process extremely easy. Flex day is a tremendously vital part of my school week because it gives me the opportunity to study with my classmates, finish class projects, and get help in classes that I struggle with. Furthermore, it gives me the opportunity to meet under and upperclassmen in S.T.E.M., which is always a fun experience.

-Jeffery Lowe, NCCA STEM class of 2021

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