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Future Leaders Of America (FBLA)

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NCCA's Future Business Leaders of America, also known as FBLA, prepares students for success through business leadership. Advised by Mrs. El-Jourbagy and Mrs. Esguerra, the officer team is magnificently led by President Gabriela Sanchez, Vice President Julia Kolt, Secretary Bailey Smith, Reporter/Historian Natalia Sanchez, Treasurer Brennen Reilly, and Parliamentarian Esther Adewumi. FBLA members can compete in a variety of competitions from accounting and agribusiness to publication design.

They also attend Fall Leadership Rally at the State Fair, where members are given the opportunity to meet fellow FBLA students in a fun, care free space. In November, the State-wide Fall Leadership Conference is hosted in Athens, GA; this event offers students a wide variety of workshops focused around specific competitive events or generally how to manage in a high stress environment. This organization also offers a Regional, State, and National Conference. At these events, members are offered to participate in student-led workshops and the placements of competitive events are revealed in general assemblies.


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